October 29, 2013

Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back! First a quick apology for the absence of updates (sorry!) and now on to the post:

Hart of Dixie 03×05 “How Do You Like Me Now?”

FITTING IN — Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is blissfully happy when she sees how well Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) is adjusting to BlueBell, until, she learns the townspeople might have a different opinion of him. Wanting to make things better, Zoe volunteers herself and Joel to chaperon the Go Girl Tween Adventure Camp, but when Joel refuses to go along, she is left to fix the the town’s perception on her own. After a rough start with Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson), George (Scott Porter) is pleasantly surprised when he learns they work well together. Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) is desperate to be part of the Gazebos of Alabama calendar, but when a crucial flower mistake jeopardizes his plan, Lavon begs Lemon (Jaime King) to help save the day. Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson and Kaitlyn Black also star. David Paymer directed the episode written by Sarah Kucserka and Veronica West.


  • Nov 05Kat says:  

    This episode made me laugh so much. I love the feel of this season so far. Everyone seems to have a set place in the story. I’m a Wade fan so of course I’m hoping a little bit of Zade action will be happening in the future. I like that they made Linly less annoying but I don’t know if I like her yet. She seems immature for George but she might not be so bad as a regular on the show. I’m half and half on her. Joel was hilarious in this episode I don’t feel like he’s right for Zoe in the long run but as her in-between guy I love him so much better than Lemon’s cousin. I really hope Peter comes back. I feel like he suits Lemon so well. It’s refreshing to see Lemon with a guy that isn’t a southern small town man. I think Peter would grow her up and open her eyes to new things. Also when are Zoe and Joel going to find a home and not live in a hotel? I’m half hoping the reason is because Zoe isn’t ready to commit to him living with her in bluebell.

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