May 8, 2013

Ahhhh, the season finale is here and gone and wasn’t it all the sweeter knowing that Hart of Dixie will officially be back next season? If you’re looking for what others around the web thought about last night’s episode, check out this round round-up of reviews and episode recaps. All links will most likely contain spoilers about the episode!

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  • May 08Alyssa says:  

    I have been watching since season one, episode one. I am a HUGE fan of Wade and Zoe. I liked George Tucker until the New Orleans trip in which he became extremely wimpy in how he interacts. DEFINITELY NOT FOR ZOE. UNfortunately, Zoe is becoming too dramatic and easy. If she ends up hooking up with Jonah even once, I’m done. At that point she would just be one of those girls who can’t be alone.

    I’m thrilled that Wade stepped up and initiated that impossible conversation! I’m not-so-thrilled that Zoe left anyway. Stupid stupid girl. She could have gotten space and invited Wade to visit her in NYC throughout the summer. I’m just saying, DON’T let Zoe ditch Wade. They are totally MFEO.

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